About Us
Mechanical servicing and WOF specialists

After more than 40 combined years of service in the car repair industry the team at Autohouse supply top-quality service.
We have highly trained technicians and the most advanced diagnostic equipment, with the ability to service a wide range of vehicles.
We also provide a wide range of under-car services, including servicing and maintenance of wheel bearings, axles, suspension and CV joints.
Our workshop is located in Te Puke on the main road next to McDonalds. Most of our customers come from Te Puke and the surrounding areas. However, our reputation for quality servicing has spread so wide that vehicle enthusiasts from far afield also come to us for top-quality service.

Quality Service with a Customer Focus
While automotive repair is our passion, we fully realize that it often involves expenses that motorists would rather avoid. That is why we take great care to give you advice, thorough preventative automotive servicing.
If your vehicle does develop a problem, we use our experience and the most advanced electronic diagnostic tools to identify the fault accurately. We keep you fully informed of your options for getting back on the road.
We take pride that any work we do on your vehicle is done right first time, and at sensible cost.
At Autohouse we use only top-quality parts and our workmanship is of the highest order, everything done with great attention to detail.
We always deliver our service in a friendly and helpful manner. So dealing with Autohouse  is as easy and pleasant as possible for you.
You can even use one of our courtesy cars if available while we’re working on yours.

Our Name is Your Assurance
Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is our top priority at Autohouse and has been since we first opened our doors. It has served us and our customers well over the years. You can be assured we’ll do everything we can to keep it that way.
So whether you’re looking to service, WOF check, replace tyres, inspect suspension or test your brakes you know your vehicle is in good hands with Autohouse.
To talk to reliable experts about your car, contact us today