Free Battery Testing – Call in the lads will check your battery while you wait, they will recommend what’s best for your car and get you back on the road.

Pre-Purchase Inspection – Take advantage of the 50 point check Autohouse offers as an option when you are buying a vehicle, using a trusted workshop for inspections can save you thousands in unexpected repairs.

Safety Check – If you’re going on a trip or your car has been sitting around for a long time or maybe its just you feel uncomfortable between 1 year WOF inspections. Autohouse offer a safety check that will restore confidence and trouble free motoring.

Cooling System Flush – PH levels in your cooling system can cause havoc to your radiator, waterpump, thermostat and many other parts of the system. Autohouse can supply new or pre-owned radiators and service the entire cooling system.

Transmission Flush – Often over looked and untouched, when a transmission fails it can be expensive, inconvenient and often put your car off the road for some time. Avoid the expense and ask if a transmission service is right for you car.