SuperCharge automotive batteries are engineered with cutting edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. It offers the widest range of maintenance free and low-maintenance automotive batteries.
maintenance free battery
SuperCharge maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using the advanced technology that can withstand the extreme driving conditions in New Zealand and Australia. The unique composition of the EXG calcium plates extends the battery’s shelf or useful life and significantly reduces water loss. No need to top-up water, truly a “FIT and FORGET” battery.

SuperCharge GOLD PLUS

  • Sealed Expanded Calcium Maintenance Free
  • 40 Months* Warranty
  • Premium Battery – Top of the Line
  • Superior Life & enhanced Power provided by SNT Technology
  • Fully Sealed Maintenance-Free
SuperCharge marine starting battery range has been among the leading marine batteries through the years. Powered with the Expanded Grid Technology (EXG), the SeaMaster gives boating enthusiasts the power needed to meet the demands of their marine application and the heavy pounding of the rough seas.
Marine Maintenance Free Battery
SuperCharge maintenance free marine battery delivers superior starting power and reserve capacity with longer service life. It can withstand the vibration and shock of boating with a long warranty guarantee. No need to top-up water, truly a “FIT and FORGET” battery.
SeaMaster GOLD

  • Maintenance Free
  • 24 Months* Warranty
  • Premium, extra heavy duty marine battery
  • Fully Sealed Maintenance-Free
  • Vibration resistance
Marine Accessible Battery
SuperCharge low maintenance free marine battery is a reliable starting battery recognized with its high cranking power. Able to resist impact and rough water vibration.

  • Accessible Expanded Calcium MF.
  • 18 Months* Warranty
  • High performance, heavy duty marine battery
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Vibration resistant